preserving avantgarde

Olsthoorn*Vanderwilt is the brainchild of Margreeth Olsthoorn & Marianne Vanderwilt.
They recognized each others talents, their love for craftmanship and passion for leather.
Both share an attitude that goes against the grain.
Beyond the obvious and fashionable.

Olsthoorn*Vanderwilt delve deep into history, reviving the former luster of fascinating garments.

The duo creates item-based collections. Thanks to this approach, every collection contains long-lasting, yet unconventional styles.

For that reason, no season shows a new collection in the traditional sense:
Olsthoorn*Vanderwilt adds new items, they skip some and they play with new leathers and colors to give existing garments a new and exciting relevance.

It is their way to preserve the avant-garde.

Olsthoorn*Vanderwilt work with vegetable tanned Cowhides, Khidassa goats, Sheepcrust and Goat Nappalan, a light-weight goat suede with a thin nappalan finish, their favorite material.

All used leathers are by-products of the meat production process.