preserving avantgarde

We revive the legacy of the past.
Skillfully finding a new harmony within contradictions,
encapsulating this new found moxie in leather & skin.

We are Friday’s children.
Uninhibited by the doldrums of society we create stories with the garments we found in the wardrobes of the icons that shaped us.

The Avant Romanciers who have managed to seduce us with their courage and astuteness, the ways they behaved and adorned themselves.
Entities not afraid to show their joy and spleen, convinced that every experience enriched their performance and art.

We believe that their garments are the proud vessels of their genius and culture.
And celebrate the proportions, shape and cut of each and everyone of these pieces.

That is why we preserve their legacy in leather and skin. We bring these garments together, ready to deliver stories and evoke contrasts.

The way we build collections allows for exciting discoveries full of craft and cultural references, culminating in a captivating feminine silhouette where the origin of each individual garment is fully expressed.

All encased in leather and skin.

Photography: Jan Willem Kaldenbach . Styling: Margreeth Olsthoorn . Makeup artist: Netty Nauta . Model: Eleonora Remmen